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I want this boy!" I told Bruce as he was getting up to leave. Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:47:03 -0600 From: videos xnxx Darrin Thomas Subject: Dylian Chapter 4 I have done many hard things in my life. I had risked my life flying in to wild fires. I had risked my wealth on risky deals. But waiting for word about my son was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I sat in the waiting room with Dylian on my lap. Donnie was asleep with his head in Miles lap. Dylian was very quiet and still. After about an hour and a half a nurse came out to talk to me. "Mr. Thomas, Dr. Edwards asked me to come out and let you know what is going on. vidio xnxx First off, Simon is doing great. The surgery is going very smooth, however, they have found xnxx hot more scar tissue then they had thought going in. Dr. Sanders is taking his time to clean out as xnxn much scar tissue as possible. 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We didn't really connect with him. Bruce is kind of in a tough spot. He would love to take the kid in, but just doesn't have the room. So I really don't know what is going to happen with him." Brian told me. I didn't even see that Miles xxnn had gotten up during this talk. Brian had gone back upstairs to his new sons and his partner. Dylian and I just cuddled waiting for the news of Simon. It wasn't until Donnie came to sit besides me that I realized that Miles wasn't xnxx selingkuh there. "Where indian xnxx did your dad go Donnie?" I asked him. "I think he went upstairs to see the other boys." Donnie said with a yawn. I had to wonder what he was up to. Dylian had fallen asleep in my lap. I hugged Donnie in close to xxnn me and he looked up at me and smiled. "You ok bud?" I asked him. "Yeah japanese xnxx Uncle Drew. I just hope Simon nxxn is going to be ok. Will Dylian go to my school, xnxx hot I hope so. Before we went to bed he and I were talking, xnxn I think we will be best friends, well at least xnxx japan I hope so. Are you really going to move back to your big house? That would be so kewl." Donnie told me in a rush. "Well bud to be honest I xnxx japan don't know. I am planning on moving back out to the old video xnxx house, but xxnn I don't know what school the boys will go to. I hope you and Dylian will be best friends too, but don't leave Simon out, OK. I know he xnxx selingkuh is older then you and Dylian, but he is indian xnxx kind of alone. I am sure once he is all better he will be able to make friends in school. But, until he is back in school it's going to be hard for him to make friends. He is going to need his brother and you to be there for him. Think you can do that?" I knew I was putting a lot on his shoulders, but I also knew he could handle it. "Well DUH! I just wish I had a xnxx jav big brother. That would be so kewl." He said with a half grin porn xnxx half frown. About that time I saw Miles get off the elevator. He had a far off look in desi xnxx his eyes. I wasn't sure what was going on with him. He came into the waiting room www.xnxx and sat down. He didn't xnxx barat xnnx say anything for a long time. Even Donnie xnxx tube knew something was up. I was about to give in and ask him what the hell was free xnxx going on, when Debbie and Dr. Sanders came into the room free porn xnxx and sat down. "Well Drew, Simon came through with flying colors. He xnxx movies won't be able to speak for several days for the swelling from surgery to go down, but there shouldn't be any problem with his voice or any lasting effects. Now we have to work on his eye sight. Dr. xnxx videos Powers, a pediatrics neurologist, is one of the best in the field said that he would take xmxx a look at Simon sometime today. We will have to wait for him before we know anything." Debbie informed me. "Thanks Debbie and Doctor Sanders. When will we be able to see him?" I asked. "Well, he should be back xnxx video in his room in about 30 min. However, it looks free xnxx like you have one asleep on your lap. So why don't I order a second bed for you and you can lay the xnxx selingkuh little one down in Simon's room until he xnxx anime is back in there. That way you can be there for Simon to bokep xnxx wake up as well." Dr. Sanders xnxx com offered. "That would be great, thanks." I told him. I noticed Miles and Debbie talking softly to themselves. "Drew, I will check xnxx teen back in with you in a little bit. Donnie would you mind staying with Uncle Drew for little while?" Debbie asked. "Sure Mom." Donnie said. Miles and Debbie got up and walked out heading for the elevator. Now I thought that I had an idea what was going on with Miles, but I would have to wait. An orderly came to tell me that the second bed desi xnxx had been placed in Simon's room so I picked up Dylian and headed to the room. Donnie headed over to the nurses station to see about getting a drink before coming to Simon's room. We had been in Simon's room for about 10 minutes when Mark walked in. "Donnie, your mom and dad want you to come upstairs with me, OK?" Mark asked japan xnxx winking at me. "Ok. Uncle Drew xxx xnxx I will be right xnxx teen back." He said giving me a hug tamil xnxx goodbye. free xnxx As I watched them I had a feeling what was going on, but I would just have to wait to be told that Debbie and Miles would have a new 16 year mom xnxx old bouncing boy before the day was out. I was happy about this, if in fact it was true, for more then xnxx bokep one reason. First off, it would make Donnie so happy it wouldn't be funny. xnxx mom Then there would xnxx xnxx be a friend xnxx jepang for Simon that desi xnxx was around his age. But, even more important the both of those reasons, it would mean that all three boys would have a xnxx jepang home. I had made a promise that they would be mom xnxx taken care of, and xnxx tv I will follow up with phim xnxx that. I have already decided to set up a trust fund for each of xnxx videos the boys of 2 million that they can use for collage or starting a company of their www xnxx own, or they could wait and have the whole thing at the age of 21. I will have to find someone to be the trustee that would be neutral, but that would come latter. It wasn't 5 minutes after Donnie and Mark headed upstairs, when they wheeled Simon back into the room on a gurney. The nurse and orderly transferred him over to his bed without waking him. I had moved my chair between the beds so that I could be close to each of the sleeping boys. I gazed at each of the boys and knew that this was my www xnxx family. If I was to do nothing with the rest of my life other then raising these jav xnxx two boys then I would be a huge success. I was sitting there thinking about all they had been through and xnxx porno what life was going to be like for xnxx gay them, well xxnx us in the future. I had so many things to do to get things ready for them to come home it wasn't funny. Dylian started to wake xnxx japanese up so I xnxx sex videos reached for his hand. He turned his head and looked xnxx app at me like he wasn't sure I was real. "Dad?" He asked. "Yes little man. Everything xnxx tamil is ok. Simon is doing great. He is still sleeping right now, but he should wake up soon. Dr. Sanders and Aunt Debbie both said that the surgery went great and Simon should have his voice back in a few days. They also called in a new doctor to take a look at his eyes. We won't know anything vidio xnxx about free porn xnxx his sight until phim xnxx Dr. Powers has had a chance to look him over." I felt he had a right to know all that was going on and I was trying not to treat him as a little kid. "Dr. xnxx tv Sanders said it would be a day or two before his voice would be back. It's xnxx 2020 going to be our job to make sure he doesn't even try xnxx korea to talk. Think you are up for it?" I smiled at him. "You know jav xnxx it. But, how is he going to let us know if he needs anything. He can't see to write, and he can't speak?"